• Charlie91xo  06 Sep 12:11 PM
        I thought it was down to
    • H.B.I.C.  06 Sep 06:41 PM
        Oops, my bad. Guess I should have redirected!
    • H.B.I.C.  06 Sep 06:41 PM
        evolution, you should make a megapost for her!
    • evolution  08 Sep 11:29 PM
        She only has 1 released single LMAO. And 1 demo for Girls Generation.
    • H.B.I.C.  09 Sep 01:35 AM
        I'm pretty sure I have a song from her if you want?
    • H.B.I.C.  09 Sep 01:35 AM
        'Clap Your Hands'?
    • evolution  09 Sep 03:36 AM
        I have it sis thanks though : )
    • H.B.I.C.  09 Sep 11:09 AM
        No problem!
    • Dayfid  09 Sep 03:43 PM
        Happy Birthday Moses! Love you and have a good day/evening!
    • mitch  09 Sep 04:53 PM
    • mitch  09 Sep 04:53 PM
        ps. i posted a thread twice, how do I even delete one
    • Paradise  09 Sep 11:00 PM
        Happy Birthday!!
    • trayertrash  09 Sep 11:02 PM
        HAPPY BIRTHDAY MO!!!! I wanted to make a thread, but my internet is shitty and won't let me load up and threads here
    • Carcunt  10 Sep 12:01 AM
        I'm back hos
    • Carcunt  10 Sep 03:53 AM
        Can someone upload BTW and ARTPOP because I need it
    • H.B.I.C.  10 Sep 05:27 AM
        My birthday was two days ago you ungrateful cluster of failed abortions.
    • trayertrash  10 Sep 01:40 PM
        Blame yourself for getting rid of the birthday notifications
    • H.B.I.C.  10 Sep 01:50 PM
        Just because you're not in the list of Popular Contributors, it doesn't give you a right to abuse me Ashley.
    • trayertrash  10 Sep 03:34 PM
    • Bryan  12 Sep 09:55 PM
        My birthday's today.
    • trayertrash  12 Sep 11:40 PM
        HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!11
    • Paradise  13 Sep 12:24 AM
        Happy Birthday Bryan!
    • Bryan  13 Sep 12:47 AM
        THANK YOU! And happy belated to Mo
    • Carcunt  13 Sep 04:35 AM
        Happy birthday everyhoe!!!
    • Carcunt  13 Sep 04:35 AM
        Does anyone have a Neon Hitch masterpost or is there a well known one that's updated frequently?
    • trayertrash  13 Sep 06:53 AM
        We have a request thread btw
    • H.B.I.C.  13 Sep 07:06 AM
    • Carcunt  13 Sep 07:45 AM
        I already put it in the "Requests" section ^^ lol
    • H.B.I.C.  13 Sep 09:31 AM
        I hope you get a huge cock wrapped in a bow on this, your most special of days.
    • trayertrash  13 Sep 09:52 AM
        Please do not spam the site with your request Carcunt. That is not the aesthetic phf is going for.
    • H.B.I.C.  14 Sep 07:27 AM
        Please, do not use the word "request" Ashley. That word triggers me in relation to my uncle's rape.
    • trayertrash  14 Sep 08:43 AM
        Just got some PHF promo on Marina Boards for you
    • the shampain sleeper  15 Sep 12:23 AM
        :dayfid: this emote is gold omg
    • Cypher  15 Sep 06:44 AM
        ^Too bad that user became
    • Dayfid  15 Sep 04:38 PM
        Excuse you.
    • Cypher  15 Sep 05:59 PM
        He's risen from the dead!
    • Dayfid  15 Sep 09:02 PM
        I still lurk everyday! I just never post due to never having anything inportant/relevant to add to discussions. Haha. I don't really like posting on forums too much anymore.
    • trayertrash  16 Sep 03:59 PM
        Hey loves, I'll be bored at home all week due to some world bike racing shit going on, soooo request a bunch of things to keep me busy
    • Cypher  16 Sep 05:25 PM
        Wanna do my grocery shopping for me?
    • trayertrash  16 Sep 05:32 PM
        Yes! I love grocery shopping and can coupon the hell out of some things for you
    • blondeboy  16 Sep 08:53 PM
        posted 8 album instrumentals and i have more to come today today is a great day for me lol
    • Versace  17 Sep 02:28 AM
        do one Kendrick Lamar Megapost
    • Kevinn Edu  17 Sep 03:27 AM
        Just do a mega post for everyone you have lol
    • trayertrash  17 Sep 04:50 AM
        @Versace I will @Kevin I will if you buy me a mega upgrade for the next few years
    • H.B.I.C.  17 Sep 07:09 AM
    • H.B.I.C.  17 Sep 07:09 AM
        Ashley, you should dominate some guys off Craigslist in your free time for some extra cash!
    • trayertrash  17 Sep 07:39 AM
        I don't need extra cash, do I look poor to you?
    • Versace  17 Sep 03:37 PM
        i want extra cash
    • H.B.I.C.  17 Sep 04:02 PM
        Versace, get 100 people to join PHF and I'll give you $20.
    • Versace  17 Sep 08:22 PM
        *creating 100 accounts*
    • trayertrash  17 Sep 10:37 PM
        No one told me Kendrick Lanar had 200 features But I got them all
    • trayertrash  17 Sep 10:37 PM
    • Kevinn Edu  18 Sep 02:32 PM
        @Ashley I so would...but I am poor ): Lol.
    • trayertrash  18 Sep 09:40 PM
        Ew... I didn't know you were poor #unfriended #blocked #unfollowed #rihported
    • H.B.I.C.  18 Sep 11:38 PM
        Of course he's poor? Kevin is black.
    • trayertrash  19 Sep 12:10 PM
        Racism is so
    • trayertrash  19 Sep 12:10 PM
        I spent forever uploading Kendrick so everyone should head to the collections thread and download it
    • Kevinn Edu  19 Sep 06:52 PM
        owwie ):
    • trayertrash  20 Sep 10:20 AM
        Is the site insanely big for anyone else
    • Awesome  20 Sep 03:15 PM
        ya its almost as big as my dick now!
    • trayertrash  20 Sep 03:20 PM
        I guess you came, it went down to normal size
    • Awesome  20 Sep 05:28 PM
    • Carcunt  23 Sep 04:07 AM
        Can someone PLEASE find me a decent Neon Hitch masterpost?
    • Carcunt  24 Sep 06:37 AM
        Does anyone know if there's any unreleased The xx or M83? Is there a masterpost somewhere?
    • H.B.I.C.  25 Sep 05:50 AM
        I'm pretty sure I have an unreleased M83 album but not sure if it's out yet.
    • H.B.I.C.  25 Sep 05:50 AM
        Is anyone else watching UK Celebrity Big Brother? It's such a mess and I love it.
    • Carcunt  26 Sep 01:13 AM
        I was ^ but got annoyed by Farrah so I stopped.
    • H.B.I.C.  26 Sep 05:32 AM
        Farrah's a goddamn mess. Tila needs to come back though honestly.
    • Bryan  26 Sep 09:30 PM
        I want to start it but I just finished US Big Brother and I don't need anymore emotional rollercoasters.
    • Carcunt  27 Sep 12:22 AM
        so does nobody know where to get the unreleased stuff of Neon Hitch's either then? o.o
    • H.B.I.C.  28 Sep 07:40 AM
        Bryan, watch it with me! I need someone to freak out about everything with.
    • H.B.I.C.  29 Sep 09:22 AM
        New song in Exclusives for all my baes!
    • evilentity  29 Sep 10:42 AM
        I forget, is access to Exclusives determined by post count or invite?
    • Awesome  29 Sep 12:08 PM
    • Kevinn Edu  29 Sep 02:21 PM
        I don't think I can get into Exclusives! -____-
    • H.B.I.C.  30 Sep 04:27 AM
        Are you sure?
    • NeonTribe  30 Sep 09:10 AM
        how can i find that exclusives stuffs?
    • trayertrash  30 Sep 01:28 PM
        Hey Mo, is there a way you can take off the time limit for searching? I'm too impatient to wait 15 seconds between searches
    • Awesome  01 Oct 12:28 PM
    • Carcunt  01 Oct 11:05 PM
        @EvilEntity it's not really invite/post count oriented, it's more involved than that
    • Charlie91xo  02 Oct 07:33 PM
        someone please help me its driving me mad. i *think* i'm looking for a song by Lolene that samples sunglasses at night. have i made this up or if not, which song is it?
    • trayertrash  02 Oct 07:40 PM
        I now See You Again by Miley did
    • Kevinn Edu  04 Oct 03:10 AM
    • H.B.I.C.  04 Oct 08:13 AM
        Can we just take a minute to appreciate that flawless Corey track tho? It's so good!
    • Charlie91xo  04 Oct 10:24 PM
        thanks for your help guys, I found out the song i'm looking for is Electric Dreams by Lolene. I never realised the sample in See You Again
    • H.B.I.C.  05 Oct 12:09 PM
        Omg, I never made it enough into ED to hear the sample. What a mess of a song tbh.
    • H.B.I.C.  05 Oct 12:09 PM
        Also, is anyone interested in a Leona Lewis megapost? Pretty sure I have all her tracks at this point!
    • trayertrash  05 Oct 05:14 PM
        Yes please! I needed to get into her again
    • Kevinn Edu  06 Oct 02:35 AM
        I am totes hear for LEONA LEWIS MEGAPOST.
    • Kevinn Edu  06 Oct 02:40 AM
        why can't i find that lolene song?!
    • Cypher  06 Oct 05:41 PM
        It's on the Cracked, Not Broken EP.
    • evolution  07 Oct 02:08 PM
        Is that EP leaked or nah? Can I have access to the collections section pls?
    • Cypher  07 Oct 02:19 PM
        It was released in 2010.
    • evolution  02:26 AM
    • H.B.I.C.  10:27 AM
        Has anyone else ever watched Firefly?
    • trayertrash  12:37 PM
        Yes. It's okay, but probably the most overrated show in history. Don't believe all the hype around it.
    • H.B.I.C.  02:11 PM
        I literally started to watch it and got so confused in the first ten minutes. And the special effects just make the whole thing laughable.
    • trayertrash  02:45 PM
        Well the show is like 13 years old. Also, Fox aired the episodes out of order and nowhere seems to have them in order, like none of the dvd's or Netflix do either. It was so confusing :p
    • Charlie91xo  06:19 PM
        i watched the start of firefly and i just couldn't get into it
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